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Winter style is a tricky thing my friends and the struggle can be real no matter where you live.  For me, I love a good printed coat, booties, and scarves but all those items together here in SoCal can be a bit much when it’s only a “brisk” 72 degrees. I know, I know, I’m sure some of you are experiencing some severe envy when you think about the fact that I’m running around with bare legs, but let me tell you that I wish it was cool enough that I had to cover them up.  So my solution to a warmer than typical winter is to try to find fun ways to incorporate layers and texture into my look despite the fact that I may spend the day in a puddle of sweat.  So, simple trick here is to find light layers that can create interest and mimic your favorite cold weather outfits. In this instance I combined this simple sweater dress and paired it with this bold coat for a great contrast. For fun and pattern mix I added in the plaid shirt. The print works well with the both the color of the dress and the printed coat, but, since it’s only in the seventies here, I used it as an accessory and kept it tied around my waist. That way you get the effect of multiple layers without the fear of overheating.

Find these fun winter staples and more right here!



Lots of things on repeat here.  These shorts have literally been my summer uniform and they make every other pair seem uncomfortable.  This top, I stalked, just like so many other items  in my closet so it’s one that is reached for often.  And these sandals which I purchased last summer and rarely wore, quickly became the best in my closet this summer.  They add a little personality to otherwise basic outfits.  This outfit right here is exactly why I don’t want summer to end.  Bulkly sweaters and booties are not even close to being on my radar at this point.  Anyone else with me?!IMG_8250IMG_8266IMG_8239 IMG_8241IMG_8271IMG_8257IMG_8273Zara Top // Forever 21 Shorts // House of Harlow Sandals // Madewell Bag // Spitfire Sunglasses



If you couldn’t tell I’ve been feeling pretty strong about dresses this spring.  With them comes such an ease in getting dressed and comfort throughout the day.  The one problem, however, is that they can be hard to re-wear without feeling like you’re in the exact same outfit.  Sure, you can switch up your shoes and accessories but the heart of the look is the same.  My favorite part of this dress is the back detail (here) but I figured the best way to switch it up is to consider the dress as a skirt.  Throw your favorite sweater or blouse over your dress for a fresh look.  IMG_7123 IMG_7151 IMG_7128 IMG_7125IMG_7118Madewell Bag // J.Crew Mules, Similar



Seasons are so funny at times because once you’re done with one and ready for another there is just no turning back but we’ve been having some fickle spring weather lately that’s caused me to pull out some fall favorites. Remember these booties? Ya, I figured you couldn’t forget considering that were in every other post. Kinda like my brown mules this spring. I guess when I like something there’s no stopping me, we’ll be nice and call them staples. What are yours? Have you had to bring any prior season staples back lately?IMG_6388 IMG_6395 IMG_6423 IMG_6428 IMG_6397IMG_6423


F21 Leather Jacket, similar // Madewell Bag // Madewell Boots // J.Crew Sweater



For a while now, I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I see them on everyone else but when I try them they just haven’t hit the sweet spot.  I wanted something loose and comfy but not completely oversized because there is definitely a fine line between comfy and frumpy.  Luckily my search came to an end during a recent closet purge.  They were shoved in the back of a drawer and now they’re out front and center, ready to take on the Spring. Perfectly paired of course with a white lace top.  IMG_6629IMG_6634 IMG_6652IMG_6690 IMG_6657   IMG_6700IMG_6626IMG_6653F21 Top // Madewell Jeans // J.Crew Mules // Madewell Bag