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Lately I’ve been feeling productive. Now I’m not saying I don’t get to sneak in an afternoon nap every so often but I’ve been taking care of business. I think a huge part of what motivates me is feeling inspired. I’m lucky to work somewhere where I get to use my creativity and that in turn has made me more motivated both in and outside the office. Plus, this time change and the longer days have made me extra motivated. It’s so nice to enjoy the sun a little later into the evening

All I can say is that I’m glad I’ve found this newfound surge of creative juices because my husband and I are tackling a huge home project: our backyard. Right now, it’s a mess of weeds and thorny rose bushes. My husband mowed the lawn for the first time in forever last weekend and our pup Rosie has been living for her new lawn. Needless to say, it’s time to give her, and ourselves, a yard we can all enjoy.

When it comes to putting outfits together, this burst of motivation has moved me to experiment a bit more. Everyone who knows me knows that I would be happy spending the rest of my days in a chunky cream colored cardigan. But lately I’ve been motivated to get a little outside my comfort zone and try some new stuff. That means incorporating some color. Opting for pieces I maybe haven’t worn in a while. All that jazz. This Kelly green blazer was the perfect way to top off a classic spring dress. What are you motivated by this spring?

Banana Republic Blazer c/o // Target Dress // J.Crew Mules // Madewell Bag // Raen Sunglasses

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aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-9aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-3aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-1 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-14 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-12 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-11 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-10aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-7 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-13aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-8 Banana Republic Dress c/o // Banana Republic Clutch c/o // H&M Sweater, similar // J.Crew Mules, similar // Zara Scarf // Raen Sunglasses

The shorter the days get, the longer my sweaters have become… and that is simply a fact. While you may be enjoying that white stuff you call snow, we are still enjoying very bare legs around here. Leg baring dresses are still very much a thing right now in Southern California, in fact some days they are a must. Luckily, I love the juxtaposition a duster cardigan gives a short dress plus it makes me feel as though I’m playing along with the seasons. This dress would be perfect for the office–I’d love it with a crisp white button down with boots or pointy heels. But I always love getting more mileage out of pieces like this so pairing it with my favorite fall/winter item, a duster cardigan, was a great way to wear the dress casually.

This dress is the perfect basic this time of year just look at the color! Plus, the details on this dress are what take it to the next level… I mean who doesn’t love buttons?! Adding my favorite mules (yes, open toed shoes are still a thing here as well) and a simple clutch was pretty much all I needed to finish the look. Oh and ad a giant scarf. Because you know, winter.

I think I’ll definitely get more use out of this dress as we get closer to the holidays. The color is festive and there are always plenty of holiday festivities to attend. Seriously, can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving? That is insane. And then once Thanksgiving comes and goes it’s just a straight shot to Christmas! I’ve been blasting Christmas tunes around the house, in the car, while I’m at work since late October (yes, I’m one of those people) so I’m ready to start listening without shame. Between holiday parties, family gatherings, and a little getaway my husband and I have planned I can see this clutch coming in clutch (pun intended J). It packs an extra punch being calf hair and all and it’ll go great with all my holiday party outfits I’ve got in the works. How do you make your pieces go the extra mile?

*Thanks to Banana Republic for collaborating on this post*



Takeya Thermoflask Sequin 3Every year my New Years resolutions seems to be the same old story, get in shape, eat healthy, etc… This year I’m trying to find real ways to make an impact with more reasonable resolutions. The goal? To live a more balanced life. Below are a few items that I already have or am hoping to get for Christmas that will help my overall well-being in the coming year.

  1. Takeya Thermoflask. (pictured above): If you’re anything like me you don’t drink even close to enough water throughout the day. I love water but I’m super particular about the temperature, I like it ice cold!  Besides the fact that the water bottle looks super sleek, the best part is that it keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. That’s the best gift you can give yourself!
  2. Pictures. Every year my husband and I realize that we haven’t captured very many moments of the two of us together. It’s really sad considering we both have blogs and have way too many photos of us individually. My goal is to be able to look back over the last year and remember different moments that we spent together. With cool platforms like chatbooks popping up it’s so easy and I have no excuse.
  3. Books. I don’t read nearly as much as I would like to. TV is way to easy to get sucked into (damn you Bravo) and I want to spend more of my time expanding my interests and learning new and exciting things. I’m planning to start by reading The Motivation Manifesto (which my husband bought me last year for Christmas, yikes!).
  4. Planner. Holy moly I am the most unorganized person on the planet. Luckily I remember the majority of the things I have going on but that’s not to say there hasn’t been a missed appointment here and there. I want a place for to-do’s, groceries, work projects, cleaning responsibilities, etc. I’m eyeing this one, this one, and this one!
  5. Smoothies. I love fruit and veggies and I love them even more when they’re blended into a frozen drink. The struggle is my early morning work schedule combined with the fact that blenders are not easy machines to keep clean. My sister recently gave me a Nutri-Ninja and I’m planning on using it on a regular basis to keep a more balanced diet; I always feel more energized when I start the day on the right foot.

Have you guys started thinking about any resolutions for 2016? Anyone blown away and wondering how it’s almost 2016!?

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Trying to get creative around here and figure a way to get my favorite plaid in the mix.  I tried wearing this guy in multiple ways, most traditionally, my arms through the sleeves and it was a big pile of NO given the temps around here.  But don’t worry I won’t continue to bore you by going on and on about the heat because I’m pretty sure you get it, think July.


I figured next best thing if I wasn’t going to get my arms through the sleeve of the flannel I was going to throw back to elementary school and tie it around my waist.  I’m not sure why this has become a trend but I gotta say I’m into it.  It feels like at any moment I just might hop into that game of dodgeball down the street because this flannel definitely won’t be stopping me. In other news I went from medium hair don’t care to short hair and I kinda care…  Do I like it?  I don’t know, jury’s still out.

Have you made any not-so-drastic changes lately? IMG_9480 IMG_9502 IMG_9485 IMG_9492IMG_9499 IMG_9493  J.Crew Dress // Old Navy Flannel // Madewell Sandals, Similar // Madewell Bag



Teepee Tent // Paper Plates // Paper Napkins 

The little dude turned one so (obviously) we threw him a big ole’ birthday bash!  We kept it pretty casual and the decor fairly simple and almost everything we used we already had!  Turns out that our house has some pretty cool old treasures!

The theme started as simple as it gets with the color blue but morphed into blue & green with dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were only incorporated on the cupcakes which you can see Jonah was a huge fan of!  My favorite part of the decorations was the pictures of the birthday boy himself!  We had an old fence in the backyard and used that to create a spot where everyone could see how this kid has changed over the year!  We knew it was going to be a hot day so what better way to cool off than with little kid pools!  Jonah seemed to think it was a great idea!  We had so much fun celebrating the little guy.  Can’t wait to see how he changes over the next year!



Piperlime Dress // J.Crew Heels // J.Crew Chambray 

Florals for spring, it may be a cliche’ but it’s one that I’m OK with!  How could you not be with a pretty print like this one?!  The vibrant colors in this dress paired with the cactus backdrop make me excited for summer vacations, I’m wishing I had one planned at this point!  Whenever I have a day off I’ve been so drawn to maxi/midi length dresses, there is such an ease about them that simply can’t be beat.  

What are the styles you’ve been gravitating towards lately?!  



Free People Top, similar // F21 Shorts, similar // J.Crew Mules // Madewell Bag // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Watch 

So it seems as though it’s shorts weather now which creates two problems for me.  First is that my legs don’t even have the slightest tan and the second is that my knees are bruised beyond recognition.  The first could be an easy fix, hello spray tan!  But the second is more of a personality trait problem because I tend to be pretty clumsy.  This time however, it was not fully my fault!  You see we had friends over this past weekend and somehow the drinks were flowing (obviously) and the dancing started (mistake number one).  For some reason my husband and I thought it was a great idea to do a running jump ice-skating style (mistake number two).  We crashed and burned big time on the hardwood floors and my knees are the proof of our epic fail.

I suppose it could be worse and bare legs could be only just a dream!  



J.Crew Beanie // J.Crew Scarf // J.Crew Cardigan // Old Navy Jeans // Nine West Boots

We’ve been having some pretty amazing Spring weather here the last few weeks and then yesterday, BOOM, 90 degrees.  It hopefully won’t stay like that for long, but I am most definitely not ready for it to be that hot.  These pictures are a nice reminder of what it was like to layer and feel the cold breeze on my skin.  Something I’m sure some of you would rather not be a part of anymore.  

Needless to say, this will likely be the last post from me sporting heavy layering.


Zara Cardigan // J.Crew Dress, Similar // J.Crew Belt // J.Crew Mules // Madewell Bag

This is always a funny time of year to me.  After months of wishing for the cold to show it’s face in Southern California, I finally welcome the warmth with open arms.  While everyone else is hoping for the warm spring weather, I am finally embracing the higher temperatures that never really left this part of the country.  I’m pulling out some of last years favorites already without the discomfort of my outfit not quite matching the season.

I’m pretty sure this spring and summer will be all about flowy pieces for me.  I’m loving the long cardigan paired with the maxi dress.  And these mules!  I just couldn’t say no, they’re my early spring splurge and I know they will constantly find their way to my feet!



J.Crew Coat, Similar // J.Crew Jeans // J.O.A. Sweater // J.Crew Boots, Similar // Madewell Bag // J.Crew Scarf

Oh boy, after wishing to live in the snow for so many years I finally got a glimpse of what that might look like.  My husband and I went to visit my father-in-law in Rhode Island last week and did we get the timing right as far as snow is concerned.  We were there during the blizzard and it was COLD! (at least for this California girl).  I applaud all you lady bloggers (and dudes) for your dedication to get pictures despite the low temps.  These photos were a bit rushed considering our freezing hands.  I definitely have a new found respect for all you cold climate peeps!

I will say though, it was fun to play dress up for the colder weather.  I don’t think I’ve done much necessary layering all season so actually needing this blanket scarf, coat and thick sweater was a little out of the ordinary for me.  These were taken the day we left and it really was the most beautiful day.  Nothing quite beats heaps of snow on the ground with only clear skies in sight!