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 Banana Republic Peplum Top c/o // Gap Denim Jacket // Anthropologie Pants // Madewell Heels // Anthropologie Bag // Raen Sunglasses

I tend to have relatively simple taste when it comes to my style. I am drawn to simple, muted colors howeever, I don’t like boring outfits. It can be a fine line to walk, believe me. That’s why I typically like to have some sort of texture in my outfits. Eyelet is the perfect (and my most favorite) go-to. It ups any outfit in my opinion and immediately gives a feminine touch. This peplum blouse from Banana Republic is the perfect summer blouse and can be worn to the office, the bar or for a casual day downtown. If that’s not versatile I don’t know what is.

*This post was sponsored by Banana Republic but all opinions are my own.



Banana Republic Shorts c/o // Madewell Top // J.Crew Heels, similar // Madewell Bag // Raen Sunglasses

The summer for me is all about off the shoulder tops and shorts. As you probably know I don’t typically wear form fitting tops or long bermuda shorts but this combo is one that I’m really loving and can see myself wearing on repeat. My typical combo would include billowy tops and shorter, tighter shorts so this was a fun way to turn the tables.

Are there any big or small ways you like to switch up your wardrobe?



Banana Republic Dress c/o // Madewell Transport Tote // Raen Sunglasses // J.Crew Heels, similar

There are many ways to get dressed up in my opinion. There’s jeans and a cute top, a short dress, and then the main event- a maxi dress. A maxi dress is typically my favorite way. It instantly makes you feel more glamorous than before. Now I don’t have a ton of occasions to get dressed up for so I made the small ones I have count. I truly believe you can (almost) never be overdressed. I am the chronic over dresser in my family and it’s a label I accept with pride.

This Banana Republic dress is on another level though. The pattern is killer and gives major 1970’s vibes in my opinion. I love how the belt matches the dress and magically defines my waist. It’s something that is always a must since I’m on the shorter side. I feel like I should be at a glamorous party in Palm Springs sipping cocktails. I must try and make that happen this summer. In all seriousness, this dress is a total win and one I expect to pull out time and time again. It’s too good not to!

Banana Republic has some really beautiful statement pieces right now! Currently obsessed with this top, these slides, this dress, this dress, this skirt (I guess I’m newly obsessed with ruffles!), and this tote. Seriously difficult to not just put every. single. thing.

Turns out I’m excited about having all the ruffles in my life. This is new to me and takes me back to about 2010, anyone else? What trends are you most looking forward to rocking as the temperatures rise?

*This post was sponsored by Banana Republic but all opinions are my own*



Anthropologie Dress // Gap Denim Jacket, very similar // Target Purse, similar // Raen Sunglasses // J.Crew Mules, similar

This has just been one of those weeks where nothing seems to go as planned. It’s been tough at times to keep my head up and keep going but it’s Thursday so I got this! This fun dress makes things just a little bit better though. There’s nothing to not love about it really.

Here’s to hoping this weekend brings rest and relaxation and a fresh perspective!



Anthropologie Pants // Anthropologie Top // Free People Heels, similar // Anthropologie Bag, similar // Raen Sunglasses

When I love a piece of clothing, I will go to no end to get it home and in my closet. I’ve never been one to shy away from buying something just because it’s not the most comfortable thing around. The exciting thing about these pants? They’re more comfortable than most of my pajama pants. I’ve also not been one to shy away from something because it’s too comfortable. Despite being possibly the most comfortable pants on the planet, they still manage to be quite flattering. The wide crop leg hits me right at the sweet spot and still magically elongates my rather short legs. But lets not only focus on the amazing pants- the top is not to be forgotten. I have a feeling it will be on repeat all summer long. I can already imagine wearing it with jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it and I’ll wear it. I’m currently doing my best to not purchase this top and have a matching set. We’ll see how long that lasts though.

Is it just me or has Anthropologie been killing it lately? Every time I pop in there I can’t leave empty handed. It’s a habit that my husband is not all that fond of, but I sure am!



 Free People Dress // Free People Heels, similar // Anthropologie Bag, similar // Raen Sunglasses

I’m pretty sure that I’ve made it abundantly clear that I think embroidery makes every outfit better. Case and point is right above. This dress has all the qualities people… it’s embroidered (duh) loose and comfy, and a statement. The verdict? That’s right, you all need it. A little late now, but it’s the perfect Cinco de Mayo dress!



Anthropologie Sweater// Anthropologie Shorts // Dolce Vita Mules, similar // Madewell Bag

Man do I love these a good pair of mules! These Dolce Vita mules have seen a lot of action over the last several months. Somehow they haven’t shown up here, but they do get worn multiple times a week. They’re great for dressing up casual outfits in my opinion. When I’m getting ready for work in the mornings it’s usually a battle between these calf hair mules and these tassel mules. The bright side of this battle is that there is no bad decision and I never lose. Typically, as soon as spring hits you’ll catch me in a sandal but these mules definitely have some staying power. I love how they dress up shorts and a sweater more than a pair of sandals would. The only downside is with the heat we’ve been having they keep my feet quite toasty!



ASOS Dress, similar here and here // Madewell Heels, similar here // Anthropologie Bag, similar here // Raen Sunglasses

I love statement pieces. They are not a part of my daily wardrobe but I am typically drawn to pieces that stand on their own. Of course, loving statement pieces is difficult because they are more difficult to wear time and again. Due to my love for statement pieces I tend to buy something for a certain event and then struggle to wear them to another. When Easter came around this year I realized I had the perfect dress in my closet and it needed to be worn again! This one is a bit out of my comfort zone due to the fitted skirt but I absolutely love the details on it! Bonus! It kept my portions small at Easter brunch which is always a feat.

Spring and Summer always makes me want to buy all the dresses and this one is most recently on my radar. What do you find yourself adding to your closet this time of year?



Madewell Top // Anthropologie Levi’s // J.Crew Heels, Love these // Target Bag, similar // Forever 21 Choker // Raen Sunglasses

This top it a total winner peeps! I tried it on in the pink and thought it was so darn cute! Of course, before I checked out I had swapped the pink for the white. I just can’t have enough white tops- pretty sure it should be considered a problem at this point. Speaking of winners, I feel like I hit the jackpot with these jeans. I always struggle with wanting boyfriend jeans but not finding them very flattering. These are the absolute perfect mix of a skinny jean disguised as a boyfriend jean. They’re high rise, the wash is flawless and they’re tight in all the right places with just a little extra room. Side note, I did size up in the jeans!



Banana Republic Dress, solid color c/o // Banana Republic Sweater c/o // Free People Sandals, similar // Anthropologie Bag, similar // Raen Sunglasses

People are always surprised to hear that I really don’t enjoy going shopping. Understandable, considering my love for adding new and fun things to my closet. I blame it on the many years I spent working in retail. It killed the whole shopping experience for me. I hate having to go to a mall to get anything… I went recently to do some casual shopping and quickly remembered that I get easily overwhelmed and hate every minute of it. While I don’t find much joy in shopping at the mall I do find plenty of it browsing online. Somehow there is always one thing (or five) that I need to have. The problem with online shopping? My wallet can’t ever seem to handle all the items added to my shopping cart. So weird.

Lack of funds means getting creative with the pieces that I do have and finding new ways to wear them. This skirt is the perfect example. It’s actually a full print dress. However, instead of wearing it as a dress, I decided to turn it into a skirt by adding the pullover sweater on top. I took a statement piece and found a way to turn it into something completely different. Now I get to show off the gorgeous print twice as much. Plus, the short sleeve sweater is the perfect layer for spring days when it’s sunny and warm but still has a slight chill in the air. Getting creative is an important skill when you live and shop on a budget, but love having new things. You have to look at things from a different perspective and squeeze the most out of every item hanging in your closet.

How do you make your wardrobe do double duty?

*This post was sponsored by Banana Republic but all opinions are my own*