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Trying to get creative around here and figure a way to get my favorite plaid in the mix.  I tried wearing this guy in multiple ways, most traditionally, my arms through the sleeves and it was a big pile of NO given the temps around here.  But don’t worry I won’t continue to bore you by going on and on about the heat because I’m pretty sure you get it, think July.


I figured next best thing if I wasn’t going to get my arms through the sleeve of the flannel I was going to throw back to elementary school and tie it around my waist.  I’m not sure why this has become a trend but I gotta say I’m into it.  It feels like at any moment I just might hop into that game of dodgeball down the street because this flannel definitely won’t be stopping me. In other news I went from medium hair don’t care to short hair and I kinda care…  Do I like it?  I don’t know, jury’s still out.

Have you made any not-so-drastic changes lately? IMG_9480 IMG_9502 IMG_9485 IMG_9492IMG_9499 IMG_9493  J.Crew Dress // Old Navy Flannel // Madewell Sandals, Similar // Madewell Bag

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