Madewell Jacket // J.Crew Blouse // J.Crew Factory Skirt // J.Crew Wedges // Fossil Bag

Usually when I wear a skirt and a button down (which is basically every day for work) I tuck the top in and wear a belt.  However, this time was different and not for any creative reason of my own. It was only because there is a huge crease in the center and I figured this was the best way to hide it.  The sad thing is I was pretty sure I was going to wear this skirt the night before and I knew the crease was there. But what did I do? I tucked myself in bed early and went to sleep only to panic at the sight of the wrinkle in the morning, forcing myself to come up with this alternative.  Fortunately, I liked the outcome, which I’ll attribute to being a well rested lady.  Finally I found a way to justify an earlier bedtime.

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