Top (F21-old) // Jeans (J.Crew) // Belt (J.Crew-in the store) // Shoes (J.Crew) // Bag (J.Crew-old)

This is definitely my go-to look.  Skinnies, roomy top, bracelets, and a shoe of some sort.  It’s comfy, easy, and practical for doing just about anything.  And these shoes… let me tell you are one of the most comfortable pairs.  I don’t think that J.Crew generally has the most comfortable shoes but these ones only take about 3 wears and then they will be your best friend.  I have them in 2 colors and they are my first choice when reaching for a shoe!

Can you tell I like yellow?  Hopefully I’ll be working some other colors into my wardrobe soon… but I’m not promising anything!

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