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If you ask me, weekend mornings are meant to be spent on the couch sipping coffee and munching on tasty breakfast treats. It drives my husband nuts but if we have plans in the morning to get out of the house, I make a point to get up extra early just so we can have some couch and coffee time. Since I drink my coffee black, it’s super important that the coffee has good flavor–bold and rich. Stonewall Kitchen’s coffee hits those exact marks. And no morning would be complete without some tasty carbs. Their cornbread mix is the perfect vehicle for some of their delicious jam (the Raspberry Peach Champagne jam is one of my faves). Luckily, the cornbread was super easy to make and didn’t have me slaving away in the kitchen; always a plus on a weekend morning. And, since I have quite the collection of Stonewall Kitchen jam, I was able to sample them all on the cornbread. Cornbread and coffee on the couch on a Sunday morning–doesn’t get any better than that.

Stonewall Kitchen has more to offer than just breakfast essentials. Check out all they have to offer here. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Lately I’ve been feeling productive. Now I’m not saying I don’t get to sneak in an afternoon nap every so often but I’ve been taking care of business. I think a huge part of what motivates me is feeling inspired. I’m lucky to work somewhere where I get to use my creativity and that in turn has made me more motivated both in and outside the office. Plus, this time change and the longer days have made me extra motivated. It’s so nice to enjoy the sun a little later into the evening

All I can say is that I’m glad I’ve found this newfound surge of creative juices because my husband and I are tackling a huge home project: our backyard. Right now, it’s a mess of weeds and thorny rose bushes. My husband mowed the lawn for the first time in forever last weekend and our pup Rosie has been living for her new lawn. Needless to say, it’s time to give her, and ourselves, a yard we can all enjoy.

When it comes to putting outfits together, this burst of motivation has moved me to experiment a bit more. Everyone who knows me knows that I would be happy spending the rest of my days in a chunky cream colored cardigan. But lately I’ve been motivated to get a little outside my comfort zone and try some new stuff. That means incorporating some color. Opting for pieces I maybe haven’t worn in a while. All that jazz. This Kelly green blazer was the perfect way to top off a classic spring dress. What are you motivated by this spring?

Banana Republic Blazer c/o // Target Dress // J.Crew Mules // Madewell Bag // Raen Sunglasses



Free People Skirt // Anthropologie Cardigan // Madewell Top // Dolce Vita Booties // Forever 21 Choker // Anthropologie Bag, love this one // Raen Sunglasses

Woah guys, it’s been a looong time! Happy New Year, Valentine’s, and anything else I may have missed! It hasn’t been documented but… I’m at that point with winter where I’m sick of wearing the same old things. It’s been quite rainy in Southern California so it’s been all jeans, tee, cardigan, boots, repeat around here. You really haven’t missed much. Since I mixed it up recently with this min skirt situation I thought I would share it. I must admit I felt a little too old to be wearing a choker but my husband assured me no one knew my age so I decided to go with it.

This little skirt set from Free People is actually one of my favorite recent purchases! It’s super cute together but I’ve also got a lot of use by wearing the pieces separate. The black is sold out but the orange it super cute and a perfect pop of color for spring. How have you guys been mixing up your wardrobe as of late?

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I can’t deny that I love Thanksgiving. It’s the start of the holidays and it’s all about food-one of my favorite things! As much as I love Thanksgiving though, Christmas takes the cake (pie if I were choosing). With Christmas comes all the cheery songs, festive decor, and of course lots and lots of treats! My favorite tradition is decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving in order to maximize the Christmas season. My husband and I spent the long weekend putting up our lights, decorating our tree and of course diving head first into this gift basket.  Hot chocolate and gingerbread cookie snacks and pancakes for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast. I highly recommend this Stonewall Kitchen gift basket since it has the tastiest treats! Plus, it’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list, including yourself! The basket comes with everything you need to indulge and enjoy some christmas spirit. Check out all that Stonewall Kitchen has to offer here.

If you’re looking for some extra holiday cheer, check out my spotify playlist here.

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aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-9aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-3aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-1 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-14 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-12 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-11 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-10aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-7 aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-13aw16-banana-republic-green-dress-8 Banana Republic Dress c/o // Banana Republic Clutch c/o // H&M Sweater, similar // J.Crew Mules, similar // Zara Scarf // Raen Sunglasses

The shorter the days get, the longer my sweaters have become… and that is simply a fact. While you may be enjoying that white stuff you call snow, we are still enjoying very bare legs around here. Leg baring dresses are still very much a thing right now in Southern California, in fact some days they are a must. Luckily, I love the juxtaposition a duster cardigan gives a short dress plus it makes me feel as though I’m playing along with the seasons. This dress would be perfect for the office–I’d love it with a crisp white button down with boots or pointy heels. But I always love getting more mileage out of pieces like this so pairing it with my favorite fall/winter item, a duster cardigan, was a great way to wear the dress casually.

This dress is the perfect basic this time of year just look at the color! Plus, the details on this dress are what take it to the next level… I mean who doesn’t love buttons?! Adding my favorite mules (yes, open toed shoes are still a thing here as well) and a simple clutch was pretty much all I needed to finish the look. Oh and ad a giant scarf. Because you know, winter.

I think I’ll definitely get more use out of this dress as we get closer to the holidays. The color is festive and there are always plenty of holiday festivities to attend. Seriously, can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving? That is insane. And then once Thanksgiving comes and goes it’s just a straight shot to Christmas! I’ve been blasting Christmas tunes around the house, in the car, while I’m at work since late October (yes, I’m one of those people) so I’m ready to start listening without shame. Between holiday parties, family gatherings, and a little getaway my husband and I have planned I can see this clutch coming in clutch (pun intended J). It packs an extra punch being calf hair and all and it’ll go great with all my holiday party outfits I’ve got in the works. How do you make your pieces go the extra mile?

*Thanks to Banana Republic for collaborating on this post*



whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-12 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-11whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-9whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-13 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-8 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-6 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-5 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-3 whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-10whowhatwear-target-fall-16-dress-2

Target Who What Wear Dress (sold out, love this one) // Dolce Vita Booties // Madewell Bag // J.Crew Belt // Raen Sunglasses

While the temperatures have not cooled down at all here (you’ll be hearing me sing this tune for a while longer I’m sure) I’m trying to find some ways to incorporate some new fall favorites without burning up. Because when it’s 90 degrees it’s definitely not sweater weather. While I have added a few sweaters and warmer layers to my wardrobe, I’ve been opting for booties and long dresses in warm and rich colors. So far this has been enough to contain my excitement for fall.

I don’t know about you but I have been really loving the Who What Wear collection at Target lately. So many fun pieces to choose from and at killer prices. Please tell me you’ve been scoping it out every time you go to target for “dish soap” like me? It truly is the best and worst (for my wallet) thing to happen to target.




picnic-rockport-13rockport-picnic-pics-15rockport-picnic-pics-18 picnic-rockport-10 rockport-picnic-pics-20picnic-rockport-16 rockport-picnic-pics-19 rockport-picnic-pics-17 rockport-picnic-pics-16picnic-rockport-12rockport-picnic-pics-12 rockport-picnic-pics-14 rockport-picnic-pics-13 rockport-picnic-pics-11

Rockport Shoes c/o, similar // Anthropologie Sweater // Target Shorts // Urban Outfitters Tank // Raen Sunglasses

I know, I know we technically only have one more day until the official end of summer. But please, don’t let that stop you! We have plenty more time while the weather is still warm to get outside and soak up the sun. What better way than with a little picnic which is of course fully stocked with wine (or your drink of choice). My husband and I get into a pretty typical weekday routine. Get home, fix dinner, clean dinner and then relax with some of our favorite shows. This night however, we met up with my sister, niece and nephew and had a little picnic of our own. I’m pretty sure the kids had even more fun than we did! So, don’t let the fact that labor day has passed fool you, there is still plenty of time to enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors!

Side note, I pretty much live and die for a good mule (as you’ve seen documented here on the blog) and so these Rockports were only a different story in that they are the most comfortable shoes. You won’t regret any of my suggestions here, I promise.

*Rockport provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.



Banana Republic Dress 4 Banana Republic Dress 3 Banana Republic Dress 9 Banana Republic Dress 8 Banana Republic Dress 7 Banana Republic Dress 5 Banana Republic Dress 4 Banana Republic Dress 3 Banana Republic Dress 2 Banana Republic Dress 1

Banana Republic Dress c/o // Banana Republic Heels c/o // Target Sash // Raen Sunglasses // Target Bag

There’s no better way to welcome fall than with rich colors and bold floral prints. Well, maybe some cooler weather would be a better way but I won’t be holding my breath over here in Southern California. This dress combines all my favorite things right about now; longer hems, a statement print, and a wrap dress (a new found favorite over here). The dress was giving me strong kimono vibes which I absolutely love so I decided to play it up and use a sash the emphasize my waste instead of a brown belt which I would typically lean towards.

I can see totally picture this dress with a long cardigan chunky cardigan and a pair of booties should the weather ever decide to head south. Until then, these suede heels are the perfect companion for such a winning dress. First let me say they are higher than I would typically wear but they are not lacking in comfort in the slightest and I love myself a brown suede shoe.These are some true winners over here. I would highly recommend doing yourself a favor and picking these gems up for yourself.

What are your favorite ways to dress for fall? Do you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share?

*Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Island Time + JORD Wood Watch Contest

JORD Fieldcrest Watch 22 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 15 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 17 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 19 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 21JORD Fieldcrest Watch 20JORD Fieldcrest Watch 18JORD Fieldcrest Watch 16 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 14 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 12 JORD Fieldcrest Watch 11

JORD Watch // Free People Top, also here // Free People Shorts // Madewell Bag // Asos Sandals // Raen Sunglasses

My husband and I have been planning our trip to Hawaii for what seems like forever. I was in serious need of some rest and relaxation and Maui was the perfect place to do it. It was also the perfect place to wear my new JORD wood watch. It’s made of wood and goes perfectly with the laidback, natural vibes of Maui. I’ve been wearing it my whole trip and I’ve been getting tons of compliments on it! It’s definitely a unique watch that all women should have in their arsenal.

After a long day exploring the island it was nice to clean up and throw on this off the shoulder number I bought specifically for this vacation. It’s got just enough of that tropical, tribal feel to help me celebrate being in Hawaii without being over the top. This trip was also a great way to squeeze a little more out of my summer wardrobe. Paired with some denim cutoff shorts and of course, my JORD wood watch, I was all set for an afternoon of exploring and a sunset dinner in Lahaina. Travel tip: If you are visiting Maui you definitely need to visit Lahaina. It’s such a cute little town and there are tons of cute shops and restaurants.

Want your own JORD wood watch? Enter my contest to win $75 towards your very own! The best part? All entrants get $20 towards a JORD watch so it’s basically a win, win. Enter by filling out this simple form. Contest ends on 9/11 at 11:59PM PST. Winners will contacted directly.

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches but all op




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Free People Skirt // HM Top // Asos Sandals, Similar // Madewell Bag // Spitfire Sunglasses

Last summer I really jumped in head first into the denim skirt trend. For some reason I felt the need to buy 3 relatively simple denim skirts. It was silly, but they’ve really proved themselves in my closet. It’s like they knew they were hanging on by a thread because they weren’t all meant to be there. So, when I found this denim mini it was pretty much a no brainer. Since I got the basics down last summer I thought they would welcome this newbie with open arms because embroidery is always a good idea. Plus, the embroidery always adds a little bit of boho flair which is right up my alley.